Monirath is a Brisbane based artist who expresses their creativity through jewellery. She has skills in metalsmithing, sewing, and directing. Her work has been featured in the likes of Vogue, Paper, Oyster, and others. Monirath wants to completely change how the world looks at jewellery and implement different kinds of technology into her work. She is currently working on her new ambitious project - "Phases of a Wave". 



[ONGOING PROJECT] Phases of a Wave: Successful experiment #1 - Hand made prism with 925 sterling silver accessories to hook to ear.  01/08/2020


"The ears are the root to our hearts" 13/05/2020



 Stalker, an editorial advertisement for Abjection. Directed by Monirath & Liz T. 




The Tesseract earring, inspired by the Tesseract from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A blue cube earring that lights up. 29/06/2019


Starfish earrings, 31/07/18


Beach themed jewellery collection, 21/07/18


Pearls for Days, 20/05/2018


Mirror earring. 15/03/2018


The Veil of Gatsby, created by Monirath and the design was a collaboration between Monirath and Kimbino. 27/02/2018