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The addition of the Water Hat to In Limbo explores the nuance of water through it's design. The Water Hat mimicks the appearance of waves. It has the ability to refract light onto your face and skin, replicating how the sun hits the water. I believe the ocean has healing properties because humans resort to it when seeking a state of calm.  


  • Diameter of the hat: 37cm.
  • Ribbon length: 50cm.
  • The Water Hat is secured to the head by a white or black ribbon which threads from the top of the hat. The hats do not have the same arrangement of waves and will vary, each hat is made for you. 
  • Waves refractions will only appear when there is a light source above the hat.

 "Water Hat" Instructions:

  • The Water Hat is not to be worn as sun protection. It will not protect you from UVA and UVB radiation.
  • Please try not to wear the Water Hat on extremely hot days or when you are out in the sun for an extensive amount of time.
  • This product is sturdy but please still treat it with the utmost care. Avoid excessive bending at the risk of permanent damage